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5050 RGB Neon Tube For Iran Client
- Jan 10, 2019 -

                                            5050 RGB neon tube for Iran Client

    Three days one of our Iran customer ordered 800m DC24V 5050 60led/m RGB neon tubes. The RGB neon flex size is 14x26mm. The RGB neon strip is 20m/roll, the maximum triving length is also 20m. The client bought the RGB neon flex for dance hall lighting. The 800m 40rolls RGB neon strips production was finished today. Will send the goods to the client by Aramex tomorrow. Do you also need 5050 RGB neon tube lights or New Products 2015 Innovative Smd Led Neon Light Rgb Led Neon Flex and 2015 Hot Sale 24V 14*26mm Digital RGB LED Neon Flex? If yes, just visit the links attached:




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