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13inch Plastic Spools For South Korea Client
- Jan 19, 2019 -

                                               Plastic Spools For South Korea Client

    Yesterday a new South Korea customer bought 630pcs 13inch 8mm black packing spools for led strips. The plastic spool size is 330x100x8mm. 330mm is the diameter, 100mm is the inner scroll diameter, 8mm is the width. The packing is 63pcs/carton. The plates and inner scrolls are packed in different cases.  This client bought the 13 inch big reels for 20-30m IP20 6.8mm board led strips packing. Today we sent the  black spools by South Korea Air Line. The client will receive the goods after 3-4 working days.  If you feel interested in our 13 Inch Packing White Spool Reels and Big Reel 15Inch Spool For Led Tape, pls. go to the links below:




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