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Led Waterproof Connectors Types
- Sep 13, 2018 -

                     IP68 Waterproof Connectors Types

Led waterproof connectors are widely used in led strips as well as other led lights connecting. Many customers require us to solder 2pin male&female waterproof connectors on their 5050 60led IP67/IP68 cool white led strips. Or 4pin waterproof connectors on IP68 silicon glue waterproof 5050 RGB strips. While waterproof also have many types. Below are the categories classified from three aspects:


1. From nut shape

There are DC male&female waterproof connectors and metal pins male7&female waterproof connectors. DC waterproof connector is designed for plastic power adapter. Because the power adapter has DC power cord cables. Thus the connector should have a DC male or female nut to connect with the power adapter’s DC female or male nut. The DC male nut size is 5.5*2.1mm and the female nut is 5.5*2.5mm. Below is a photo to show this connector: 

While there is a more common 2pin male&female waterproof connector. This connector is used for single color led strips connecting, it can be directly soldered with the strip FPC board and glued to be waterproof. This connector is always connected with switching power supply. 


 2. From copper wires and male female nuts size

There are many types under this classifying.

2pin 0.3mm² 12mm mini nut waterproof connectors

2pin 0.5mm²15mm small nut male&female waterproof connectors

2pin 0.75mm²15mm small nut male&female waterproof connectors

2pin 1.0mm²19mm big nut male&female waterproof connectors

3pin 0.3mm² 12mm mini nut waterproof connectors for dual color led strips

3pin 0.5mm²15mm small nut IP68 waterproof connectors

3pin 0.5mm²19mm big nut male&female waterproof LED connectors

3pin 0.75mm²19mm big nut male&female waterproof connectors

4pin 0.5mm² 15mm small nut waterproof connectors for RGB strips connecting

4pin 0.5mm²19mm big nut IP68 waterproof connectors

4pin 0.75mm²19mm big nut male&female waterproof connectors


3. From shell colors

White shell waterproof connectors, black shell connectors waterproof, transparent clear wire waterproof connectors.


4. From connecting functions

T shape waterproof connectors, Y shape waterproof connectors, copper head waterproof connectors

We can also customize different lengths waterproof connectors, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m even 10m waterproof connectors can be customized. The thickness of the copper wires can be customized too.


  Welcome customer to order our 3pin*0.3mm,12mm Mini Male And Female Waterproof Led Connector With Black/White Shell Cable and 4 Cores 0.75mm2 Male To Female Waterproof Cable Connector PVC Outdoor IP67 IP68 Led Waterproof Cable. More information please view http://www.cn-ledstrip.com/waterproof-connectors-1

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