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How to use led string lights
- Jun 04, 2018 -

How to use led string lights?

The Christmas will come soon to many led string lights distributors. They need 4-6 months to prepare for the Christmas sell season. Most of people like using led string lights to decorate the Christmas trees. But how to use it for beautiful and reasonable decorating?

Here are some tips that may helpful to customers.

1. Choose the correct location of the Christmas tree.

When you get in the room, the place that firstly catch your eyes is the well-lighted area. Such as in front of the window and fireplace. Christmas trees can be located here.

2.How to choose the type of led string light?

If you like traditional feeling, you can choose big bulb string light. This type has higher brightness and power consumption. If you want energy conservation, you can choose 5mm concave DIP led string light. Both transparent wire and dark green wire are optional. Clear wire is conventional type, we have stocks. Dark green wires can be customized quickly for bulk quantity.

Both can be made IP20 non waterproof and IP44 or IP65 waterproof.

Some people like dark green wire, because it’s closer to Christmas tree’s color.

While other customers like transparent wires, because it looks nicer and softer.

Below are two photos to show clear wire and dark green wire string lights:



3.How to calculate the lights needed for one Christmas tree?

If your Christmas tree is 7 inch high, it will need at least 500 lights(10pcs 5m 50lights or 5pcs 10m 100lights). Every 1 inch increasing will need 100 more lights. If customers want more intensive lighting, it can be 150lights/inch. What’s more, the width and perimeter of the tree also influence the lights quantity.

4. Prepare tools before installation.

The news said every year more than 15 thousand people get injured in Christmas string lights installing in America. When fixing the string light onto Christmas tree, customers should stand on the electrician ladder. Using good quality EU or America plug power cord wires that CE&RoHS certificated. Don’t pursue the lowest prices blindly, because safety is the most important. What’s more, do not connect too many pieces string lights together. Even though the led string has end plug, the reasonable connecting pieces are 2-5pcs. If customer need to light up 10pcs, it’s better to make it parallel connection.

5. Make the string in circle when installing.

To save space in packing, the string lights are packed intensively. Customers can make a circle roll in hand when install the string on the tree. This can avoid the lights be in a mess and people be tripped by the wires. What;s more, it’s more convenient to circle the string around the tree.

6. About twining methods

Power on the string light. Then you can see the patterns and lighting effect when twine it on the tree, adjusting it timely. Twine it from the top to the bottom of the tree. If the tree is beside the window, you can twine the string 360 degree, thus the lighting can be seen from front and behind sides. If you want 3D lighting effects, you can let the led string pass though the tree branches.

7. About string lights matching

If you want colorful lighting, you can install warm white, cool white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink string lights together. White light is the main color. RGB string lights can be OK too, but it’s twinkling and flashing, not static lighting.

You can also contort the iron wires into different shapes such as heart shape and flowers. Then twine the string light on the iron wires. It will be art lighting effect.

If the tree is outdoor, make sure the power plug is at dry and safe place. Then twine the string on the tree thunk first, then go to the end of every branches. When all the string lights are lighted up, it will be fairy effects.

Below are two photos to show warm white and cool white lighting:



8.Storage after using

Conventionally the string lights can stay on the Christmas trees from Christmas Eve to New year. While customers can also keep it until Valentine’s Day. After that, tear down the string lights and store it in dry place for next year lighting. Holiday lighting is always for several days. Even IP65 waterproof string lights will get color fading if they are exposed to the sun and rain for months.

Below are the links to learn more about twinkle starry string lghts:



If customers meet other problems when use the string lights, just ask us freely.

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