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Digital Neon Flex
- Oct 10, 2018 -

                                                          Led Neon Flex Basic Knowledge

The IP68 Pixel Led Neon Flex, Full Color Flex Neon Light adopts a new structure and proprietary technology. The main body is connected by a high-brightness light-emitting diode (LED) through a special patented structure, using a unique optical technology and a proprietary cladding design. The main features are energy saving, environmental protection, shockproof and waterproof. Its biggest feature is uniform illumination, 360-degree whole body illumination, and the LED illumination point is not visible from the outside under working conditions, which is exactly the same as the traditional neon illumination. The main technical parameters are shown in the following table: Luminous color Item White Green Blue.

Maintain costaccounting:

A. 5050SMD Dream Color PIXEL Chasing NEON FLEX IP68, free maintenance within one year, and lifetime maintenance after one year at a maintenance price of less than 3,000 yuan per year. For 10 years, the total maintenance cost is not higher than 30,000 yuan. Ordinary neon lights Take the annual maintenance fee (1-2) yuan as an example. The total maintenance cost for 10 years is (10-20) yuan.

In 10 years, the maintenance cost of LED digital lights with the maintenance cost of neon lights is (7-17) yuan.

B. Environmental protection LED digital light with no light radiation, the material is free of lead, mercury and other harmful substances, in line with RoSH standard, no electromagnetic interference to the environment, and the traditional neon lamp must use inert gas, lead and other materials in the production process, the launch The light has radiation.

 C. Low voltage power supply No high voltage link and high reliability.

 D. Rich in light color The use of three primary color LEDs can achieve any color gradient.

 E. Good air tightness Use special PVC material as the coating layer, the joint is sealed with special resin, there will be no water leakage.

 F. It can be bent arbitrarily. It can be folded into various shapes according to customer's requirements, and it is not broken, which greatly reduces the strength of construction.

 G. Uniform illumination The product emits even and soft light, and the LED light-emitting point can not be seen from the appearance, while the small light bulb of the traditional hose illumination can not achieve the uniform effect of the 5050 Digital RGB LED Neon Flex.

 H. Long life Outdoor use can be more than 5 years, while traditional neon lights less than 2 years, and it is easy to break.

I. maintenance free

  The Led Pixel Flex Neon Light is basically maintenance-free during normal use, and traditional neon lights cost a lot of maintenance every year.

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