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DC Waterproof Connectors
- Apr 05, 2016 -

DC waterproof connector is also called waterproof DC connector.

It has DC male nut and DC female nut. They can be free soldering connected.

The wires are 5.5x2.1mm, 22# copper wires. Both 0.3mm² and 0.5mm² thick copper wires are available. The conventional length of our DC waterproof connectors are 30cm(15cm male and 15cm female wires). The ends are 2cm stripped and 3mm tinned. As for colors, both black and white shells are optional. 

It should be noted that regular DC connectors(male to female DC connectors for led strips and power supply connecting)can’t be used in water, because it doesn’t have waterproof caps.

Here are two photos of regular DC male&female connector and waterproof DC connector.

Obviously, waterproof DC connector has thicked wires(waterproof shell) and waterproof caps, thus it’s more expensive than regular DC connector.

What’s more, DC waterproof connectors should be also distinguished from  2pin 3pin Transparent Waterproof Connectors 12V With Male And Female Plugs/butts.

Here are two photos to show the differences.

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