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Color temperature difference of led strips
- Sep 06, 2018 -

                               Color temperature difference between IP20 and IP65 strips

There is a common sense of many customers that IP65 glued warm white led strip shows the same color temperature as IP20 non waterproof warm white strip. While it’s wrong. As we know, warm white is 2800-3200K. This is a common CCT range in led strips area. But it’s for IP20 bare board non waterproof led strip. Because in this case, the LED color temperature is roughly equal to IP20 led strip’s color. While IP65 silicone glue will absorb and reflect some lights, this will rise up the color temperature 600-800K. That means if IP20 strip is 2800-3200K warm white, when it comes to IP65, it will be 3600-3800K, this is nearly natural white!

Below are some photos to show different color temperatures in different IP grades.

IP20 2800-3200K warm white(it looks very warm).


IP67 silicon tube warm white(it's a bit cooler than IP20, but it still look like warm white).


IP65 silicon glue warm white(it's much cooler than IP20, it has beautiful lighting).


This is IP20 4500K natural white.



So, if customers want to order different IP ratings led strips, just confirm with us if you want finished led strip color temperature or not. If customers want 3000K IP65, we need to use 2400-2500K special warm white LEDs. Thus the price will be a bit higher. In a similar way, IP68 CCT will be comparing higher than IP65, because IP68 has thick glue. While IP67 CCT will be near with IP20, because IP67 silicone tube is empty, it dose a little influence to the lights reflecting.

More information and images please view our website products bent freely DC12V 60led 2835 flexible led ribbon strip and IP68 silicone glue waterproof SMD 2835 led flexible strip.

We will keep on updating more images or videos to help our customers to learn more about led strips.

Thank you for your support!


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