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2013 India will usher in the explosive growth of solar PV market
- Aug 12, 2015 -

In 2013, the India solar system installation will be booming. India administration push for solar energy subsidies and to provide policy and increasingly serious power shortage problems, and good sunshine condition, brisk growth is encouraging small and large solar system installations, especially South India and West India Gujarat region of solar system installation with the most potential.
Workers Institute hospital industry economic and trend Research Center (IEK) energy research group industry analysis Division Ding Fan said, due to India national solar task (JNNSM) plans will most of installation volume arrangements in second and third stage, again plus first stage (January 2010 ~2013 years March) roof type and ground type solar system cumulative installation volume target delay, so expected 2013 India Solar market will will has outbreak sex of growth.
The other hand, Western India Gujarat 2012-2015 solar system provided for building subsidies, also is expected to push up the solar system installations. Ding Fan pointed out that, in addition to government policies fueled, solar system prices also accelerated India solar energy system installations universal.

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